“Julia Blue” (2018)

Julia, a photojournalism student living in war-torn Ukraine, finds her path towards independence and a brighter future challenged after meeting and falling for English, a young soldier fresh from the war zone.

Capturing a fleeting love story in a very specific time and place one year after the 2014 revolution in Kyiv, JULIA BLUE is a different kind of war narrative. Performance driven, artistic and subtle, it is told through the eyes of a young woman who must ultimately choose the best path for her future.

Directed by Roxy Toporowych

Website: https://www.juliabluethemovie.com

Watch film on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Julia-Blue-Polina-Snisarenko/dp/B087Z5QC8P



Jury Award Winner

  • Cambria Film Festival 2020
  • Julien Dubuque International Flim Festival 2019
  • Arctic Film Festival 2019
  • Anchorage International Film Festival 2018


Jury Award Winner

  • Sonoma International Film Festival 2019
  • Woodstock Film Festival 2018


Jury Award Winner

  • Long Beach International Film Festival 2019
  • Mystic Film Festival 2019
  • Female Eye Film Festival 2019 (Canadian Premiere)